My Story

My name is Khalida.
I was born in Morocco. After many years in Paris now I am living in Switzerland. 
worked as a furniture designer and teacher for several years. And now my passion for interior design is joining forces with my love for my native country, Morocco. 

This is how “My Moroccan Rug” was born.

 My Moroccan Rug allows me to stay connected to my roots, while also giving me the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring local women. For me, the Moroccan carpet is the most generous and the most beautiful of the carpets ... I am so proud of this craft and so proud of the work of these women.

As a mother of three , I recognise the challenges that come with all the roles we play at home and outside. That's why it's so important for me to support other women throughout my journey too.

In the Berber community women are the pillars of the home. They are hardworking and resilient whilst also being gracious and kind at the same time. They are truly selfless and their humility touches me deeply. 

I am just a berber woman who pays tribute to the berbers women of her country.


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