The arch: a powerful and timeless symbol

The arch: a powerful and timeless symbol

Arches are structures of deep resonance. They embody and symbolize strength and support. The arch is basically a male motif. In mythology, it represents the door between time and space through which one passes to enter another world.


In architecture

The arch is the reason for the elevation of the spirit and the mind towards a higher ideal. The famous American architect Ralph Adams Cram of Johannine tradition often used this motif to which he would give a transcendental value


In the tarot

The arch signifies the opening to new perspectives, the fact of seeing on the other side. It is used in some cultures as a symbol of renewal. Crossing an arch is a rite of passage where one abandons the old to discover the new.


In the Greco-Roman tradition

The arch symbolizes the skies of Olympus and the heavenly gods like Zeus and Jupiter.


Finally, the arch more than anything reminds us of a precious universal law, that which says "There is always an open door, another way".


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