Patterns and symbols in Berber crafts

Patterns and symbols in Berber crafts

The patterns and symbols of Berber culture have crossed the Maghreb and Arabia and even if they take different shapes and shades depending on their geographical affiliation, these symbols are of historical inspiration and reveal the imprint of ancient civilizations and the uniqueness of Berber culture.

All Berber artefacts use different patterns and symbols. On the Berber carpet, we will find patterns with connotations of family, couple life and nature. The Berber symbols thus represent the evolution of the lives of the women who weave these rugs.

So, for example:

(Top left) The fly motif, often represented by a cross, represents liveliness.

(Bottom left) The pattern of the ram represented by triangle lines is the symbol of physical strength.

(Top right) The motif of the woman, the crossing diamonds, symbolizes fertility.

(Bottom right) The donkey's head, the diamond alone, symbolizes loyalty and robustness since this animal accompanies the villagers in their daily tasks.

My Moroccan Rugs pays tribute to the berber symbolic in some of its creations and allows you to apply or revisit these symbols on your own rug! 



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